Men: How would you want a guy to ask for your daughter's hand/how would you ask for it?

Imagine you have a daughter (or picture her if you do). Now imagine she has a boyfriend and assume you're on good standing with him, you two see eye to eye and he's good to your daughter.

I realize some of you may not really care if he asks for your permission to marry her, but let's assume in this case that your daughter had expressed a wish that he ask you before asking her. For traditional reasons.

What would be the perfect way, in your opinion, for him to ask?

Would it involve treating you to a fancy dinner? Sitting down with you and your spouse? Giving you your favorite alcoholic beverage? Simply calling you/shooting you a text?

Would you appreciate effort or is it not necessary at all?


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  • I have some traditional values, but I wouldn't make him jump through hoops. If he has already earned my respect then all I would require was him to ask me face to face. It would be up to my future wife whether or not she wanted to be involved with the pre-proposal traditions.


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  • I wouldn't want it at all. In fact, I would disapprove of it. Adults should take responsibility for their own decisions.

  • A girls is her own, her parents doesn't own her, so no I would not ask for her hand like if her farther owned her and I wanted to buy her free.


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