The idea of being a step mom doesn't scare me, am I crazy?

I am 23... I have a sister a lot younger that I always took care of a bit.

I am dating a guy who is 7 years older. Divorced with 2 kids under 9. He shares custody but they live with the mom and he visits them and they go to him sometimes but go to school near her. The divorce was fairly civil..

Anyhow I understand it can be complicated but for some reason I think being a step mom would not be easy but the idea of it doesn't scare me off. Many girls won't date him because he has kids.

I think it is so sweet when he talks to his kids on the phone and even that he has kids I think is adorable.

Am I crazy? My own dad was mean and the guy I am dating is a sweet dad, and sweet to his kids. He really loves them. I really like that about him.

Many girls say how could you even think of being a stepmom, you are young.

I want my own kid too but for some reason the idea of being an extended family doesn't freak me out.. should it?


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  • Not crazy, but naive.


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  • I've been in that situation and my advice is don't try to force your own ideals on his kids, it will just cause arguments.
    I'd never date anyone who had kids anymore.

  • Yup you're very crazy. Being a step mom isn't the same no matter how much you love them. Especially when the kids grow up.


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