Girls: is there anyone on here that is a second wife or step mother?

Is a step mother a hard role to take on? Does it hurt knowing you are not the first wife but second wife?


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  • My boyfriend's dad is a stepdad (my boyfriend's mom had 3 kids, married my boyfriend's dad, then had my boyfriend and his sister).

    My boyfriend said his dad always told him to "never walk into a ready made family" not because he doesn't love his mom, but because being a step parent is such hard work. My boyfriend said his older brothers always resented his dad for trying to control them and tell them what to do and everything was always really tense in the house growing up until his brothers moved out.

    My mom dated a guy for a while and he ended up living with us for about 4 months. I never trusted him (my instincts were right he ended up stealing a ton of people who work with my mom's information and trying to order credit cards in their name) no matter how nice he was. I was always questioned everything he did or said and never really gave him a chance from the start.

    I think no matter what his kids probably aren't going to look at you as their mom and they'll probably never trust you no matter how perfect you seem. You just have to get past that though if you really love him

    • This is horrifying to read... I really wanted to see something nice but thank you for your story. It meant alot. Now, I am scared

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    • They love me... 5 and 6 years old. Full custody.

    • Then as long as you don't do anything crazy I think they still will

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