Can you have an affair with your girlfriend without having sex?

I'm dead serious cause I'm Muslim and in our religion having sex without marriage is unlawful..yeah guys I'm suffering...imagine you can't even kiss her..touch her...i respect my religion may god help me to marry her..hhha


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  • Don't once you do any of those things you will regret it. I'm a Christian and I didn't want to be involved in any sexual activity, I wanted to stay a pure virgin before I marry. And it's to late because I gave into lust and all those feelings. I regret it so much, if there was one thing I could turn back on, it would be not t be involved with that. I make it sound like end of the world, but it was something I so passionately wanted to achieve.


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  • the only person who would know that you have had an affair is you. can you live with it on your conscience.

    how do you think she will feel about it. you can't start a marriage based on lies

    • Yeah sista that's exactely my point..but what are talking about?? there's no lies for god sake...

      i love her ..and I told her that I wanna sleep with her many times..she always says " malek you have to be patient man"

  • an affair means cheating on someone.

    If you respect your religion enough just wait till you marry her. I don't think kissing her would be so bad tho.

    • Thanks for correcting my stupid mistakes..i appreciate thanks

      so the right question is " can you have a relationship with your girlfriend without having sex?


      i prefer don't say sista but in our relegion we're all sisters and brothers

    • You can definitely have a relationship with a girl without having sex. People do that all the time, people wait till marriage to have sex. Its a much more mature decision that way too.

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  • In reference to "an affair not involving sex" - I think God cares about where your heart is, and so would a man's wife and vice versa. An affair as I understand the word is a betrayal of the heart, sex is usually the means of betrayal, but not required.

    • Right man an affair means betrayal...i did not know


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