Do you believe that there's something like a "sex-starved marriage"?

Do you believe that there's something like a "sex-starved marriage"? What's your experience, if any, of it?


How would you see the best way to overcome (or survive) it?


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  • It surely does happen, and I've been there in marriage and in a long term relationship.
    1% of marriages in the USA are never even consummated, and 10% are rated sexless (sex happens 10 or less times per year). It's probably actually more than that, and usually women refusing/rejecting sex.
    50% of women will be turning off the sex within 4 years. There might be some sex, but very little compared to before. It's instinctive for women to do that, and it's controlled by chemicals in their head.

    It's totally counter-productive, and makes women their own worst enemy. Hubby will be less fun to be around, less productive at home and at work, etc. Less sex even means both partners will age prematurely and be less healthy.

    Here's why it happens, in the link below. I think the lady in the video is barking up the wrong tree, if she thinks she can fix dysfunctional women. Only about 20% of women are capable of staying in love with and physically attracted to the same man for 20 years or more. It doesn't matter how good he is at sex or anything else. It doesn't matter if he's stayed in shape, and she's let herself turn into a balloon.


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  • lmao this is why i would never even get married unless its in my vows that i could cheat on her IF SHE wouldn't PUT OUT LOL

  • I know for a fact that there is. And the only way to "fix" it is if both parties want to fix it, usually through therapy or medical intervention.

    Otherwise, drastic steps need to be taken, like divorce, opening the marriage, or having an affair.