Husband and wife now have full time jobs?

If wife was once dependent on husband because he had full time job and she just worked a couple nights a week and now wife has moved out of house and has a full time job. Does that tell you anything?


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  • Married couples don't move out. They had deeper marital problems.


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  • The only thing it tells me is that there is a lot more to this story than you've told us and there's no way to even make a guess what's going on.

    • I can tell you some things since you brought it up. He cheats on her cause he's not happy but feels guilty about it after. and she's not happy either. She also sits there and lets him cheat but yet bitches about it calls the women he sees hoes. They have 2 kids together. She seems to have a lot of control over him which makes him feel insecure. Him and her were living with his parents before she left. She was dependent on the husband too. Now she has a full time job. He has also seemed very depressed lately.

    • You seem to know quite a lot about this couple. Are you the other woman, by chance?

    • I'd rather not say

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  • That tells me that if the other woman is coming here to get sympathy for being called a "hoe" by his wife she probably isn't going to get any.

  • she's -now- self sufficient.

  • Why did she move out?

    • I don't know.

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    • Well I can tell you her job is local

    • I honestly don't think you should be digging your nose into other people's business though. If they didn't tell you that they separated there's a reason for that

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