Who do you believe takes the biggest risk when it comes to marriage?

First this isn't a question to start hate or anything like that. Personally I say men. I know women also have their own risks, but the biggest one I see is getting your heart broken. Whereas for men even if the wife was to cheat he still gets screwed. There's alimony, ridiculously high child support if you have kids (Sometimes even if they aren't yours), losing your home, you car, and other personal property. A guy is lucky if he doesn't have a massive debt at the end out it all.

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  • I don't know why these questions are always getting asked.

    Just about every single risk that comes with marriage comes with dating long term. If you're with someone for more than 7 years you're screwed either way (yes you can still get hit with child support payments, lose your house, car, other possessions, etc if the courts have to get involved - which they usually do if you've been together that long).

    There's no way to dodge these risks. It's not either get married or cohabit it's stay single or date long term


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  • Men have the most to lose usually if a marriage goes south ie. money
    Marriage is only bad for a women usually if she married an abuser (physical/sexual/sometimes drug abuse)
    Women tend to get the better half of a deal if a marriage goes south because the women tends to able to keep the kids even if the guy was a good father and the women tends to get the child support money and alimony.
    Unless the man was an abuser the women has little to nothing to lose.
    But if the man was an abuser the woman has so much to lose.
    Both men and women are effected emotionally by the split (given that neither is an abuser)

  • Women. I am primarily responsible for the kids and in my case I gave up my professional aspirations to help him fulfill his. If a divorce happens he'll basically be "single" whereas id have "baggage".

  • lol as expected girls voted wife and guys voted husband

    i really think its a mutual think and both have to sacrifice just as much (but then again guys dont have a baby coming out of them or anything THAT painful :P )

    but yea they still carry burdens as well lol

  • I think women because they have the children to look after, Men do slightly get it like financial issues. But women have to take more risks because if that couple ever broke up, usually the women keep the children and have to deal with so much more.

    • It's so interesting. You do know that in the past, women didn't get to keep the kids, right? (Which may have been an incentive so that women didn't initiate 2/3rds of all divorces, like is the case now)

      So, women lobbied to get to keep the kids, got it, and then complain about it and demand money.

      Fun times.

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    • @bubbletrouble Statistically speaking, yes they are. I mean, men are holding women down in equal pay, right or wrong? Every individual snowflake in an avalanche pleads innocence, and it's just doing what it'd always wanted to do But in aggregate they're the cause of the problem.

    • @why_not_anonymous the same women that fought to change laws on who keeps the kids, who were made by men by the way are not the same women of this generation which is something that men fail to understand. Besides, that's just this girl who thinks kids are a burden. That's the main reason (if not the only) reason why women even get married.

  • I think it's equal


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  • Men take the biggest risk of all.
    Women have no emotions, and are only in it for the money (his money). You'll find out how heartless, corrupt and mercenary a woman can be, when you meet her in divorce court. Anything before that was only an act, to get what she wanted.

  • Please define risk.

    Financially, probably men. Kid costs are a whole nother level, however.

    Time-wise? Usually, the woman.

    There are other risks too.

  • How is this even a question? Men clearly, CLEARLY take a bigger risk, which is reflected in the statistics that show more and more women want to get married today while fewer and fewer men are interested in marriage. The percentage of men who want to marry is at an all-time low while women's interest in marriage continues to mushroom.


    There are very good reasons for that, and they have a direct bearing on this question. Women have burned way too much capital over the last few decades and it is coming back to bite them now.

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