Do you have the Oedipus/Electra Complex?

Now, Freud was a quack.

But its not crazy to think people might want to date/marry people that are similar to their parent in someway. I have seen it countless times in some way or another.

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lol nobody on here wants to marry their parent. funny stuff.


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  • Not by choice right but in appeareance , yes. I can't stand my bald step dad but damn do I notice my occasional interest in bald guys with a nice personality (unlike my step dad). I hate that!


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  • Yeah... my father is a great man, and although I don't think of him sexually his personality/work ethic are definitely things I am attracted to in men :*

  • I'm glad that my boyfriend isn't similar to my dad because my dad is a psychopath :P

  • Yeah my ex was like my dad in a lot of ways (big bulky guy and very manipulative and cunning, was great with kids but didn't really like them). We were together for 4 years.

    My current boyfriend is a lot like my mom (patient, very healthy and strong physically, loves children)