Girlfriend has been on my for a while now about marriage and possible kids. I'm at the point where I think it's best to just end it?

So before everyone start judging my and whatnot hear me out.

My girlfriend has a friend who's boyfriend recently proposed to her and since then she been well... nagging me about it as well as the possibility of kids. Here's the thing, neither on of those interest me and she knows that and has known it since even before it was our first year together. I was upfront about my opinion of both marriage and kids and at the time she said she felt the same, but here we are two year later. Firstly marriage does offer any thing I'm really interested in, it just like cohabitation, but with tax benefits. As for kids... no. I have zero desire to be a father or raise kids, plus if I did why would I want to do that now. I'm in college with still a lot of life to live why I want to get married or have kids now? But ever since she found out her friend is getting married (which was two weeks ago) she's been acting completely different. Example: She was had my place and while I'm watching TV she changes it to a shopping channel where they were selling an engagement ring and comment about how she'd love something like that. I've constantly been telling here how I feel, but that does seem to work. I'm thinking it may just be best to end it now because she wants something from me that I can't give her.


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  • Yeah, it's best you guys go ahead and break up. If you can NEVER give her what she wants end it now. Marriage is one thing to look past, but kids? If she wants them and you don't there's no compromising there.

    Like everyone said have a serious talk with her first so she understands that it's not that there's anything wrong with her, but your goals in life don't align together. Ask her if she could do without ever being married or having kids and if not.. sorry, but you're going to have to end it


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  • Yes, it's best to end it now.
    She thought/thinks she could/can change you.
    You two simply don't and well not see eye to eye.
    It's best to end things so that you won't invest anymore unnecessary time into one another.

  • I get why you're thinking what you are. You must talk to her about this. It's very important. We can't do much for you here.

    • I've tried, but it seems that now that her friend is getting married she suddenly seems set on it herself now.

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  • If you're still only about 21, you're about 6 years too early to be thinking of marriage. Even then, you shouldn't think about it with a woman you've known less than 4 years.

    3 out 4 marriages will end up being hell for a man., and 44% will end in divorce (sometimes that's a lucky escape). The chances of divorce and other shit skyrocket, if your bride is less than 25 at the time of the wedding.

    Women only pretend to love you for the first few years (although they do believe their own bullshit). It rarely goes well, after that.

    • Honestly I have zero interest in getting married ever.

  • You can try having a serious talk with her about it and find out if you two can see eye to eye. But if not, it will probably be best to end it. It sounds like this relationship is nearing its end.

    • Yeah I'm thinking it is too.

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