Guys who are serious about a relationship that could lead to marriage and not just sex are more hesitant about an age gap?

I dated a few guys more than 10 years older and it seemed like all they wanted was sex and control.

My current bf who I know is not just out for sex but for someone to potentially marry (and we are not having sex and we both are religious) told me that if he knew my age prior to meeting me, he would have thought I was too young for him to be in a serious relationship for potential marriage with because most girls my age are too immature for him.

He is 8 years older-not tragic

However he met me and at first didn't know I was that young but he does tell me now that usually he would not have dated someone as young as me and I made a good mature impression.


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  • If it seems to be going well for you both, no need to worry about the number of years between you.


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  • Maturity isn't age related. It's breeding related. All aspects of breeding: genetics and how you are raised. Idiotic kids just take longer.

  • it's cool , older your man is , better it is.
    He will be a father to you , as well as your children


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  • Why are you so anxious to be with an older guy?

    • I find them attractive but i am open to younger too, however I prefer a few years older to my age.

    • hmm well seems ok so far. anything worrying you?

  • What's the question here?

    • Is it true that when guys are looking for a wife they tend to go closer to their own age

    • Oh. I would imagine so. I dated someone 9 years older than me when I was 18. It was fun but we had nothing in common at all. There are benefits to dating different ages. Younger men tend to try harder, they want to impress you. Older men are more stable. And guys our own age tend to have more in common with us. I'm currently dating someone younger because I require effort to stay interested in someone.

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