How can I cope with the fact no girl will ever marry me?

How can i cope with the fact no girl will ever marry me?


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  • In a lot of ways, marriage is a bum rap for guys. Focus on making yourself the best you that you can be. Ever have some hobby you've thought about trying? Start it.

    • Well maybe i dont want to be alone ok

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    • And they've also had money

    • Not necessarily. The problem is you don't want to change. You KNOW full well what you're doing (whatever it is) is not working. You want to make excuses because you're afraid of failing if you attempt to change, but you're ALREADY failing.

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  • You will find the one for you, might just take time thats all. Till then just be happy and do the stuff you love.

    • I don't want to do stuff alone. What you don't seem to understand is that women my age or older are either taken or they don't want to get married again

    • There is some one for evryone. Im 6ft, major tomboy and a 3/10 on looks. If I have some one there is no resen you cant. You just have not found each other yet.

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  • Why won't a girl ever marry you?

  • I don't believe you need to be married in order to love someone and be in a loving relationship.

    My old school friend's Parents were never married and they have been together for over thirty years.

    • But i want marriage

    • That's fine, but if you feel marriage is unobtainable why do you want to be married? What's the point of wanting something if you do not feel capable of obtaining it? It's a self-defeating vicious cycle is it not?