Why do we get married?

Two things. I'm having difficulty understanding why people get married (legally speaking) and why gay marriage is an issue. Is there some legal or financial advantage to being married? Unless it's illegal to perform the ritual, what's stopping people from just having a wedding anyway and saying they are married?


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  • I personally want to get married because it makes life easier if you're planning on living with your partner for more than 10 years.

    When you're married if your partner goes into intensive care when they go to the hospital you can see them. If you aren't married you can't.
    When you're married it makes having children easier. You don't get questions from the school when you want to pick up your kids (trust me.. schools are stupid. even if you're on the list to sign out a kid if you don't have the same last name they get all iffy sometimes. hell I went to check out my SISTER once and the lady wouldn't let me because "only parents can check out students")
    When you're married it makes things like purchasing homes easier as well.
    Then there's tax breaks.


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  • its a symbol of expressing the ultimate commitment towards eachother

    • I knew that already, I was asking why do people need the government's thumbs up to make that commitment?

    • haha ya i figured. i was just giving the best generic answer

  • while being married you can have plenty of sex... aww yeah!!


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