Who do you think would make the better father, the Nerd or the Jock?

An important life choice for many is who will they have children with. Two common types of guys are Nerds and Jocks. Which would you prefer to have kids with? Do you think this choice would change at different stages of your life?

  • Nerds make better fathers.
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  • Jocks make better fathers.
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  • Neither. Country boy who knows how to fix things, work hard, have some fun once in awhile and has decent morals. I'm a free spirited person and I want my kids to grow up feeling secure and happy, knowing that good things come from being a decent person and working hard. I can already see my husband cuddling a baby, and teaching a toddler how to work on his car :)

    • I am not a country guy but every one of them that I have met I have had a huge amount of respect for.

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  • Hahaha I agree with the MH opinion :) Country boys for life.

    I am not going to have children but my boyfriend (the man I intend on marrying) would be an awesome father. He's both the nerd and the jock. He's on a full ride academic scholarship to one of the top universities in the nation (too small to be ivy league but same level - he actually turned down Harvard), and he is on their swim team having been heavily competed for by college swim programs like University of Chicago, Kenyon, Brown, Harvard, Princeton, and Yale.

    He's very intelligent and very athletic. He's also very nice and kind. It's the perfect combination.

    It's a shame neither of us want children. Our kid would be awesome. :P

    I think the nerd, of the two, would make the better father. Encouraging academia would be the way for success for a kid.

    • That sounds like a great relationship. I wish you well. I know a lot of people dont want kids today. All i can say is that my kids have been the best thing in my life and honestly, i have had it all given success in business and my relationships. All the best.

    • Well I have triplet siblings. I have not wanted kids since they were born when I was 8. Also, when I was an infant (11 days old) I had a stroke. I have a clotting disorder. It's genetic. If I have a kid they will have it and also be at risk of a stroke where they could die. So it's incredibly convenient that I don't want kids lol. I didn't know my condition was genetic until yesterday. So... it just gives me another reason to give people for why I don't want kids. And it's also convenient that he doesn't want kids either.

    • I wish you all the best. You have a great guy.

  • both can make good fathers,, it depends on the guy and they can both be nice!:)

    • Of course both can make good fathers but they will be different and will teach some things to the children that are different from what the other taught, so the question was which would be better, from your point of view. If you don't want to choose one because it makes you uncomfortable then that's fine. But they will certainly be different in how they raise their kids in some respects.

    • i agree with you that they will be different but i think it depends on the person as well so that is why i can't tell which will be better bc they are the complete opposite :)

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  • I am somewhere in between and I can tell you I would be a horrible father because I also happen to have an extreme drug habit and I'll probably be dead before I'm 35 sooo you can't judge a book by its cover because I look like a good little white boy but I the inside I'm a fucking criminal

  • Both could make great fathers. Being a nerd or a jock doesn't mean you can't be a great father.