Why do women forget about their husbands after having a child?

Why do women forget about their husbands after having a child

Refreshing the question. I am looking for real answers not bull shit answers like the spider one


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  • Women don't forget. They just want to bond with their child.

  • Because your kid is more important than your husband. There's no competition there.

    A baby can't do anything for themselves while your husband can. He can live without the attention for a little while. The baby needs it more

    • But is it really that impossible to find a balance instead of just tossing the husband aside for a while

    • How about you take care of the baby so she can have some time to get her mind straight for a while so she can find balance?

      Having a baby does some crazy stuff to your brain. I've seen new moms who don't know up from down, can't even write a check properly and are leaving their groceries in the store! You expect her to be able to magically balance time when she can barely keep up with basic things in life?

      She's probably trying as hard as she can, but right now her #1 priority is the baby. Take focus of taking care of the baby away from her for 2 days out of the week so she can relax a little and you should start seeing her managing her time better

    • Well said!

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  • The human child is a helpless creature while the human adult is at the top of the food chain.

  • The ultimate purpose of a woman is to create a solid human being to pass on her genes. Sex is the first step toward that goal, but once the child is conceived the man no longer serves a need.