Indian Offshore Arranged Marriages- worse off for guys?

Most arragned marriages these days in India are consensual adn usually up to the girl. It's not oppressive unless it really is that type of backward ass village and people, but usually it's the decision of the parents and the girl.
Now it's no secret but it is easier for girls to find guys but for the boys who are locked off and pressured into saving themselves for marriages and into marrying an indian girl it's difficult to find one in a country when you're a minority, so therefore they end up marrying in India, where the only girls who'll agree are usually the ones hoping to live an easy life in foreign country and who are looking to settle down rather than live their life for themselves.
The boys are judged not only on their looks but on their education, income and reputation and the girls make the decision without much heart after only being given two hours alone with each other.
Then after marriage the boy is expected to provide for their family in India.
I understand oppression of women is ridiculously bad in India, but just wanted to show this side of things as well.
i can't believe my parents think this is ok for me.


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  • Maybe in India it's more hardcore.. but it happens in other places also.. lyk families are strict and want their daughters to get chosen by boys of reputable and rich families... but what they don't realise is prestige doesn't keep 1 happy. I feel as if that's wats gonna happen to me also. I know how you feel... and yes you will be judged based o your income looks etc... its the way many Indian families think... they want prestige more than anything else.. i hope I have the courage to stand up against what I believe isn't correct. Awl the best... stand up for what you believe in.. later on 1 day your parents may not be here. you will have to live with their decision. So make your own decisions.. even if u make mistakes.. it will be your own.. try and be respectful to your parents tho.. They love u :)


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  • Long live India.