If person is ill he does not right to marry?

Hello, I am 31 year old guy... I want to marry... But almost girls says no to me... I Am very upset for that... actually I am suffering from epilepsy... I want to eat my medicine for whole life... I don't want to speak any lie to any girl that I am eating medicine... please tell me what shall I do


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  • Are you proposing to any girl that shows an interest? What does your epilepsy have to do with anything?


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  • Epeliepsy isn't the reason to your issue, it is just being with women who aren't your type or they want something different in a relationship.
    Women who want to settle down are really easy to find, all you have to do is just take your time and find them.

    Good luck.

    • But I know ur right... but it upset me every time... because mostly every person demotivated me... I think that i am living in hell

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