My wife is so clingy !?

She won't give me any space. She won't let me hang out with my female friends. She even gets jealous and argues if I text a female friend. She wasn't always like this. Just in the last few months. Its really really starting to bother me. And to be honest it kind of wants me to hang out more with my friends! What should I do about her behaviour?


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  • You have just solved your own problem, sweetie.. she is 'Clingy' because she is scared you might cheat on her with your so-called 'Female friends.' She is your wife, your soul mate and she feels it isn't right that you are 'Clinging' to others when you should be home with her as two soul mates who supposedly are as One.
    I, myself, don't feel you are doing right by her. You say they are friends, of course, without having more proof in the semi sweet pudding that there is More, I will not point fingers. But if you love your other More Important half, then sit down and have a long convo with her and compromise or it will be your demise... I promise you.
    It's not 'Her behavior' I see a big issue with, it's your Motives for feeling you are lacking something with your honey bun here and you feel the Need To-----Wants me to hang out more with friends.
    This is not helping your marriage any and it will only go down a beaten path, end up a War of the Roses in the end.
    Good luck. xx

    • thank you for your input. you're quite insightful about me. im not 100% clear on my own motives any more.

    • I see... with that being said, I also am now feeling you Might not want to be hooked at the hip anymore neither... do some serious soul searching... xxoo

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  • Dude, she's pregnant and you're all wrapped up in texting your mates? Yeah - I'd be acting pissy too, you should be making me dinner, rubbing my feet - helping in anyway to alleviate the agony and trauma of growing a human inside you can cause. Pfft, you sound like a boy, not a man about to be a father.

  • she is your wife. talk to her!!
    ask her whats going on, dont be defensive just have a real convo. maybe somt. happened with a friend, or she heard somt. etc and she is worried. so you could talk it over. give her a chance to explain.

    ıf she only gets defensive etc. then you could tell her how it makes you feel. they are just friends, I am not doing anything I should not do but what you are doing is annoying me and I would like to be free to talk to them. ıf you have a real reason of not liking one of them etc., then tell me that. and let me know but this general clinginess has to stop.

    also tell her that you love her, she is the only one. etc.

    • i could try this. but it seems reasonable on here, in person if i do it she might get pissed off and start another argument (and i'm sick on fighting)

  • dude she's afraid of losing you!!! you hang out with a bunch of female friends and you would like her to be okay with it?

    • if your husband hangs out with a female friend alone, would it be okay with you? If they go to the mall or for coffee or something chilled like that. ?

    • nope i won't be okay with it

  • Why are your female friends more important than your wife? Whose feelings are you more concerned with?

    • What could be going on with your wife that prompted the insecurity? Did you cheat? Is she pregnant? Is she stressed out?

      Your marriage isn't going to work out if you put her feelings last.

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    • Pregnant ladies i think tend to be more over sensitive, you might want to be more patience with her @ asker

    • Well ding ding ding!

      Doesn't take a genius to see that she's insecure because her body is changing. She might be worried that you aren't attracted to her, and think you think your female friends are hotter. Instead of trying to change her behavior (impossible, we can only change our OWN behavior), why not focus on meeting her needs and reassuring her?

  • didn't u know about her characters before you marry her? If she get jealous, then bring her along to see your friends so that she know how they are like.


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  • Do you think some kind of event has triggered her to feel more insecure like spending too much time with her or something new came up? It's important to talk to her about these things so you two don't become stressed out :3

    • we haven't had sex in a few months.

    • Maybe she believes that a lack of intimacy with you causes suspicion that you may not love her the way you used to. Is there a reason for the lack of sex?

    • yea you could be right about lack of intimacy triggering this.. I've also felt this could be the reason.