Would you marry a guy who lived on a day to day basis?

a guy who doesn't really have a plan for the far future just lives one day at a time and stuff
he is a good man and all


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  • No. I want to feel secure... I would be so stressed out by such a lifestyle :/


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  • Thinking best I could if I was a girl... I'd do it but only if desperate. I'd have to accept I'd be the major financial support. I'd think some of the less desirable gals in the beauty dept may need to do this.

    You can get a nice 'broke' guy. Maybe he is just low functioning when it comes to work and $. But if he does a good job suckling and eating you... you can't ask for much more ladies!

    Just accept gals you are losing 50% of the benefit of marriage. When your married you have someone watching your back. if you marry a broke guy or gal... you have to watch the backs for you both.

    As I guy, I'm not that desperate. I'd want a gal that brought something to the marriage. She does not have to be rich, but a professional lady hopefully. Or even a lady with small income that could have her own spending money. If I was rich, then money would not matter. She could be broke if I loved her. But not being rich, I have to be practical.

    Now, if the gal was broke but had a big penis shaped sensitive clit and could squirt in my mouth... don't worry about thing darling... I'll get a goddamn 2nd job!


    • ok i stopped at the suckling and eating... stop just stop...

  • Hell no, A man who wants nothing is usually very successful at having nothing in life.

  • Yes I would. Then when he died on that day-to-day basis I'd get life insurance.

    • Only if he had life insurance hahahahaha

    • Well you sign up for it for him and have him sign. Tell him it's something wild like uh tickets to fight with bears.

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