Do Palestinian men have to be in arranged marriage if thats what their parents want? What the consequences?

Whats the process of an arranged marriage for palestinian men? The guy I really have a crush seems to be having to choose a female for an arranged marriage. I heard he has turned 2 girls down already bt im not sure if I should approach him I would like to get to know him better and see if we could have a serious relationship and then marriage. we always make eye contact when we see each other and he usally stares at me intensely we even use to write on fb bt we have never actually spoke to each other. Im a virgin waiting for marriage, christian, and im black/ mixed not that it should matter bt i heard to some it does Should I approach him why or why not? :)

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  • Most of the Palestinians I know want relationships with Arabs and even Palestinian Arabs in particular, but there is always exceptions. Do not approach him, and do not build high hopes on him even if he approaches you unless HE brings up marriage and settlement, honestly.


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