I can't seem to find the type of girl that matches my criteria. This is what I'm looking for...

Single female

20-29 years of age


No kids



Sweet, caring, understanding and patient

Saving herself for marriage

Blonde, Brunette, Redhead

Slim/slender, athletic, or average

Weight range 110-130 lbs

Lives in Delaware

That's it, that's what I'm looking for in a girl. Yet I can't find one that matches the criteria above. I've come across girls that were physically beautiful but they didn't match the rest of my criteria. Or they match my criteria except in the physical area.

I've tried all the popular dating sites and zilch!


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  • Well, your good-looking but I had a list just like you did. and I was soo focused on that list that I lthink I might have missed out on some really nice guys. Then the first day of college this guy who didn't meet ANY criterea on my list started hitting on me and I had srange feelings toward him. It was his voice, it was deep and husky and just well sexy. And I never felt like that before so in a lot of ways my list went out the window the only thing he had that was on my list was that he was aggressive. SO I mean if you keep an open mind and not think oh I'm gonna find "the girl" tonite she may just come to you. I'm only 18 but I think its a valuable lesson that I learned this week. Everyone has something special about them and someone good meet all of your criteria and just not have 'It" (sex appeal). So if I were you I would keep in mind what qualities you really like about a person but see the list as a guideline instead of limitation. If I were you I would try a little compromise you can have all of those things on your list but be missing key things that you love like a sense of humor, or the ability to do simple math etc.


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  • ya way to picky here I think you have to loyer your standers because one of the big ones about being a virgin till marriage is something that most girls are not!

  • too picky


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  • Welcome to life on earth.

    The problem with dating sites is people post laundry lists of things they want in a mate and it's rare that anyone is ever looking for the people who have those tastes... and honestly from the sound of your list I doubt anyone like that would even BE on a dating site or at least they're in such limited supply that they become harder to find if other people have met them first. Conservative christians on a dating website? Not too likely. is there no one at your church that fits this list? maybe you need to widen your parameters a tad.

  • I don't think you're asking for too much, this is just what's the average girl is about... I don't live in delaware but seriously people are all girls over there that bad, I mean all of them had exes or at least the good looking ones can't be trusted... or what

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