If interested in a LTR or Marriage, which type of male do you think YOU would have the highest chance of success?

Many girls want to get married or have a meaningful Long Term Relationship. So which type of guy do you think you will have the best chance of success to live your life with through the end? Everyone is different but i can't list 3 billion males on the poll.

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  • I'm a l guy or not interested in LTR or Marriage
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  • I'm not racist at all and I honestly don't think race has got anything to do with the length of a relationship. It depends on what kind of person he is. I like white guys but that's just me.


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  • wow... its not y race AT ALL...

    • Black males dont marry or stay around for the most part. Statistics show this. Here is one of many reports, this from CNN. www.politifact.com/.../
      It needs to be talked about. It is a cultural issue. Black male culture does not value being a father. Not all but a lot. Because black males provide a single mom birth rate of 72% and have a high divorce rate when they do marry. The white women black male divorce rate is actually the highest of All combination and with black women less so but a lot. You can google up those items they are out there and are easy to find.

  • Whoever has the same morals as I

    • I agree. But race plays a role in that. People are individuals but made from a culture which is why it is studied by the government and dissected by many who study the society. There are clear differences in cultural values that shows up in the data.

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    • I didn't get everything you said (I don't speak slang) but do you have a reference for this? I grew up with a single mother and I've never had a problem with that. I have a very loving and caring family so what's the bad thing about being single?

    • I am glad you have a good family. The single moms today only make 24k a year compared to married who make $81k, the kids have far greater problems than those in a marriage such as drugs, school problems, crime, unplanned pregnacy and more than the average married family. So it is not a good situation. You did much better than average thanks to you mom and perhaps other family members. Today a huge number of girls in the US are becoming single moms because the fathers dont stay around. This is a problem i. The black community in particuliar and with interracial dating black guys are also leaving others as single moms because in their subculture they do not want to marry. Yet a lot ofnwomen are dating them and these women claim to want long term relationships.

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