Guys what would you do if your wife left you?

Say you liked girl A and she admitted she likes you too, but it was too late cause you are engaged to girl B. But a few month later your now wife (girl B) leaves you.
Would you try and get back with girl A? Bare in mind you left off on bad terms.

  • Yes I would at least befriend her again
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  • No I'd feel silly
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  • It's not so easy to tell as there can be so many situations. But if Girl B left me and is never coming back & Girl A loves me so much (& I love her too) then it's very possible that I'll befriend her again (but again there are so many things which can happen & It's also very hard to answer society).

    • Things like what?

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    • What if after leaving you girl B then joined a dating site and put 'single'

    • Yes of course you can do that because it's all over and now you are single.

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  • Well I wouldn't be retarded enough to get married in the first place but hypothetically speaking I would have nothing to do with either woman going forth.

  • Not sure, depends on situation


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