Would you trust a guy who's a player but?

Because he got married you thought he would change, but his wife left him so he comes to you pleading to be with you. Would you consider?

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  • It depends, if they're officially over and his wife left him for reasons that don't include him being a player, i'd give him a chance... but not instantly. He should have some time to reflect and heal himself in my opinion, especially after being left by his wife.


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What Guys Said 5

  • A player is a player, and will always be a player.
    The main reason they stay faithfull in wedlock is because the risk vs reward equation suddenly favors staying in the relationship.

    Seriously, you can't make a player change! So don't even bother trying!

    • I don't believe that your first statement is true and I think the last one depends on the guy.
      *talking to the asker now* While I don't agree with that, I still don't think that you should be with this guy because he is married. That is something you do not want to get in the middle of. It will only make matters worse. Being with a married man is asking for a heart break. He will promise you he is going to divorce her but he will probably never get up the nerve to (if he does, it will be a while) and he will never completely let go of her. He can "promise" you the world but won't be able to give it to you because he still has strings attached to his wife. So I don't think you should do that.

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    • I'm not even in it. I've been ignoring him

    • either way, in a situation like that (wether it be a guy liking a married girl, or a girl liking a married man) the only sensible action is to stay the hell away and wait. If they stay together, forget about it. If they end up divorcing, you're free to try.

  • if you believe in the guy and trust the guy then go for it.

  • Why did she leave him?

    And make sure it's the truth.

    A possible reason she could have left was because he cheated on her. It could be for other reasons but keep that in mind.

  • Hell No there are billions good guys to choose.

  • Hell no?

    Goddamn NO!


What Girls Said 4

  • Marriage doesn't change a person.
    A person changes themselves.
    If he is a "player" you have to question yourself,
    "Why did his wife really leave him?"
    There's a lot of things you don't know.
    He's probably telling you what you want to hear.

    I would find it strange that
    he's already looking to be in another relationship.
    It's one thing if he's going through a divorce...
    it's another if they had a disagreement and they potentially
    might get back together (need some time to calm down)

    • I'm not sure if it's official but his wife is now on a dating site and listed as 'single'

    • Yes.. but just read my first paragraph.
      You don't know the whole situation.
      Maybe he cheated on her... that's why she left.
      You never know!!

    • Well he is known to be a cheat..

  • If he was a player to start with and even walking down the aisle he really wasn't ready nor raring to be hooked at the hip, with a failed relationship down the bridal path, turning down a Beaten path now, I would never be able to trust him from the past Nor into the future as well... it would always be War of the Roses.
    A man like this rarely changes even with a Queen by his side. He doesn't like the word Commitment, doesn't want to Behold nor Uphold "I do" and wants to be his own Commander and Chief in Charge... not take orders from the straw boss he got hooked with who just ends up taking her crown and walking all over it. xx

  • If they completely divorce and no contact. I will give him a chance. But if they just have some problem, not divorce and still contact. Hell no. He just need someone when he have some problem.

  • hell nope! players are gonna keep on playing

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