Married men keep hitting on me. And sometimes the wives get mad. Why? What are they thinking?

So whether I'm at church or in public married men look me up and down and act too nice. I look away make annoyed faces, etc. I try to avoid them particularly the ones I see on a regular basis. Or I look at cute little kids and their dads grin and the moms get pissed at me. I'm only fifteen so I don't know why the wives feel threatened. So why do they do it? What are the husbands and wives thinking?

  • I get hit on too. I hate it.
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  • WTF! This doesn't happen to me.
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  • That's pretty creepy. I mean, grown up men with wives and children hit on a 15 year old? Gosh D:

    I think they're probably attracted to your youth and beauty, but ew, that's pretty creepy coming from a man a lot older than you.

    Just ignore them. If they try to strike a conversation reply briefly and then go away. It's not your fault. They're just old creepers and shouldn't do something like that on a girl so young like you.

    • thanks for saying it's not my fault. :) I honestly don't try. U made me feel better.

    • I'm glad you feel better :)
      And don't listen to those who say it's your fault or they way you dress. You can dress whatever you want, fuck those relics who drool on you. It's borderline pedophile.
      Their wives are wrong if they are angry with you instead with their creepy husbands.

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  • lol yes... I get hit on too. That was my vote. But on a serious note...

    What's your ethnicity? Maybe it's the culture you're in? I think Latinas and Asian women may get more jealous in general. It really just looks like good old fashioned jealousy. Maybe they're jealous of your good looks (do you look that good? wow) or they're jealous that you are getting attention and they are not. Sadly, attention-seeking is something women do, A LOT.

    They get upset at you because you're the scape goat, plain and simple. Maybe you dress in a certain way that makes them think you're THAT kind of girl. Maybe you look older than you really are so you're viewed as a threat. Maybe you're overly nice so they think you're flirting. It sucks that you have to think about these things but there you go. The worse part is that these married dudes may be thinking the same thing lmao... they may think you're interested too for all you know.

  • It's cuz ur hot and probably the hottest you will ever be in life. I would use it wisely.

  • They think you're enticing the men, obviously.

    • I'm not trying. It's not like I think they're all ugly but I don't want to break up homes. :(

    • You wouldn't stand a chance of breaking up a home. That doesn't stop you from flaunting your youth and dressing provocatively.

      If you dress more modestly, the looks will stop. From both genders.

    • I couldn't dress immodestly in this house. :P I have never tried on anything other than Bermuda shorts and I always wear undershirts under my tops

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