Why do women marry gay men? Fully homosexual, not bisexual men by the way?

I don't know if I would ever marry a woman who wasn't into men, I suppose if she still wanted to have sex every now and then and was really attractive, but I'd still prefer someone who actually want me. Further more, homosexuality is a lot more acceptable in today's society than it was in the past, so it's not like they need to hide. Why would a gay man want anything to do with a woman?


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  • I know a lot of gay guys and the only reason I can guess they want to be with women is because to them it seems wrong to be with a guy for the rest of their life. They grew up taught that you get older marry and have kids but that's hard to do with a guy so they get a girl. I mean I personally would never be with a gay guy but hey some people are weird

    • k that makes sense for the gay guy, but what about the straight woman? Is he just too hot to resist? I see a lot of gay ads where married men are seeking guys to be their secret fuck buddies--some of them have beautiful wives!

      Would you marry a guy like that?

    • I'd never marry a guy like that! But I can guess the girls see the gay guys as a safe alternative because they're the guys that understand them and think they won't hurt them.

    • maybe they didn't even know...

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  • About 17% of unmarried women are asexual, compared to about 3.5% of unmarried men.
    If an asexual woman liked some aspects of marriage (but not sex), she'd be fine married to a homosexual.

    Unlike a normal heterosexual man with healthy sex drive, the homosexual wouldn't become frustrated and shitted off if she had no sexual attraction to him.

  • Because gay men are more in touch with their feminine side, and everyone knows that's what women really want in a man.


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