Do I still have a chance with him?

So long ago a friend of mine introduced me to a guy, which I started to like when we started to know each other better. We spent time together, we talked, I really loved his smile. Sometimes we even talked on the phone daily for hours. I couldn't resist my feelings so after 4 months of friendship I told him I liked him. I didn't got the answer I wanted, I felt really rejected so I stopped talking to him. The witch that introduced me to him started a relationship with him but it failed ( they didn't even last a week) so I grew even more distant of him [and her]. Then he started to be surrounded of my stupid friend and her friends like ready to hop in for him. Time passed and after two months I found him at the mall and we talked a little. He smiled like he used to. We even talked on msn that night but it was just like a brief hello. After all this time, I've got to know I REALLY do LIKE HIM. I don't know what to do. I'm really confused. should I start again and try that he gets to like me? should I remain friends or distant? please help :(


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  • The question is do you really really like him. If you like him, then the first step is to try being friends with him. Being friends and social hurts no one. Don't push yourself over him, but gently be friends. The fact that he is smiling means that before going to the next level he wants to be friends with you. His attempt on a relationship just failed. Meaning he definitely wants somebody and that could be you.

    So smile back, and be his friend. He will surely propose to you.

    Bottom line is that you need to be in contact with him as often as possible. Romantic feelings develop when you are the most contacted person. Make an effort, not in your words,but by your actions. Try being special around him. If he is special to you, you need to make an effort try being special to him.

    And be careful not to be pushy WITH YOUR WORDs. But by your actions, don't leave even a benefit of doubt that you like him. Smile! Show your feelings in your face.. You might think he is not seeing you...

    NO! HE IS! GUYS LOVE attention, as much as you girls do! hehehe! All humans crave for attention, that's what we are! So bank on that Girl! Give him attention, Show your feelings, even if you are sad, let it show on your face!

    He will notice!



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  • Nope. Its strange that girls miss this basic point. If a guy wants you he may try to hide it but most guys are very bad and hiding their feelings. Just cause a guy smiles doesn't mean he's into you like that. You shouldnt start anything. He already knows how you feel about him. He knows he can have you if he wants. Some guys use girls like that to boost their ego. A couple of things you'll see if he really is interested in starting something up with you(I know cause I've done these things with girls I'm interested in)...

    1. does he initiate and/or try to extend conversations?

    2. If you get close to him does he try to touch you? (If a guy doesn't like you he'll avoid anything that makes you want to pursue him...touching you would be a no no)

    3. Does he supplicate? i.e. does he say things to impress you?

    4. Does he seem a little less than comfortable around you?(means he really cares about how you percieve him)

    5. Does he return your calls or messages within a reasonable amount of time?

    If you can say no to any of those things...Its not romantic interest...This guy uses you to boost his ego or he just wants you as a friend.


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  • In the back of his mind, he will always remember that you said that you like him first

    Let the man make the move. If he doesn't, he has missed out on a prize.

    Once one bus leaves, the traffic is still flowing. Another one will come.

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