Are they ready for marriage? Does it sound like they are ring shopping?

Is he staying with her because its "familiarity" or is he about to pop the question?
Will they break up soon or will he stay with her forever?
I know a couple that live together but the guy has a wandering eye. They recently had a massive argument with him telling her to stop eating (as she is fat). He also left her before and went back... possibly 'cos he didn't want to start over and the r/ship offers familiarity.
But there she is saying, "happy 6th anniversary babe, love u." On Facebook.


I don't know the lovey dovey fb statues doesn't add up.

Are they really that happy? she has also been 'liking' memes that say , "I'd rather be alone than with someone who makes me feel alone." and "i dont want to get attached to anyone anymore" and "dont criticise me for my flaws when u dont recognise ur own"... which to me sounds like she is thinking of leaving him... BUT then today she 'liked' and 'shared' a photo to win a sparkly diamond ring... Does that mean they have talked engagement and she is picking out rings?

They're not married yet... Will he propose soon?

she liked all these other memes including one that said, "behind every crazy bitch is a sweet woman who got sick of all the bullshit."

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  • Honey how the hell do u find the time 2check out what memos (or whatever) this girl is liking on FB lol? U must really like this guy! Whats he tellin u btw? Uv done good detective work so here's my opinion... theyv been togthr 6yrs. That's a long time for a young couple especially. Yet he seems only as faithful as his options &guessin when he left her 4a brief time it was likely cuz he had another option come up. And when that fizzled out &he saw no others he went back 2her. Yes their relationship is comfortably familiar. Yet that wldnt mean he doesn't luv her. Wldnt mean he doesn't wanna be w/her. MOF it could actually be the tie that binds them! Im sure theyv talked about marriage. She proly brings it up 2him evry night! Yet why should he marry her when he can do what he's been doing &get away with it like he does? His GF's NOT going anywhere! she's putting up with him! So believe me, he's gonna ride this out till the wheels fall off! ain't nobody gonna put up with him like she does &if he's not stupid, he knows this! No woman wants a guy that makes her feel alone, picks on her about her weight &has 2entr contest in hopes it'll be her engagement ring! So OMG let the poor girl HAVE HIM if she wants him that bad! She certainly doesn't have a love that I would envy! If ur into this guy, my advice is run for the hills! Cuz do u really want2 be where she's at (with him)? Guarantee even if he did leave her (for u) & rwo of u went off to live happily ever after it'd only last so long (and lucky if it lasted as long as theirs has)! As he would eventually end up treating you exactly how he's treating her. When might they break up (if ever)? When they both want change or things become so miserable for them that any alternative seems better. Altho when and if kids become involved, its a done deal - cuz then they WILL be in each others life 4ever regardless - maybe not together but forever! For as long as they share their children anyway! GOOD LUCK!

  • Why do you care? Do you want her man?

    • Who said they got into an argument because he called her fat? Did he? Sounds like a price. Oooh, I'm seeing red flags everywhere. Just back off, quit fb stalking this girl, and find an unattached guy. If he cheats with you he'll cheat on you, just so you know.