Why do women become unaffectionate after marriage?

Why do women become unaffectionate after marriage


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  • Girls may have been the ones trying a lot in the relationship to where now that there married and have kids and other stuff to with hold in there marriage they just dont have time to think of there marriage because there to busy worrying about there jobs, kids, bills and trying to make there kids happy and take on other responsibilities some married couple are taking on the responsibilities of others like family and parents making sure there bills are paid off and there okay its hard to focus on your marriage when there's other things your worried about i wouldn't get married due to the fact if you can't get threw most of your problems in a relationship there's no point of getting married and having a future together and letting your kids suffer because of seeing you argue with your spouse about stuff you should have sorted out or got threw in a relationship people forget marriage and relationship are just like jobs you half to keep up with the person feelings and make time in some way to think about your spouse because getting busy is like being busy making time is like compromising if a person is not working there should be no excuse of why they can't make him or her dinner or clean or help out the other


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  • They caught the fish. Don't have to try anymore. Though it does make me happy to see long term married couples still act like they're on their honeymoon :)

  • Maybe they regret their decision to get married?

    • 50% certainly do, within about 3-4 years, and they don't need any reason and can rarely find one.
      In the long term, only about 20% don't.

  • because they want to trick you into marrying them because all they want to do is get married. they don't actually care about you.

    and once you've married them, that's it they got what they want, so why keep trying?

    • Are most women like this

    • Yes, most women are like this.
      There are a very rare few who aren't like this though.. hard to find... same with good guys.. hard to find...

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  • There is a psychological theory that married couples start to feel like siblings, and therefore the incest taboo kind of kicks in, eliminating desire.

  • The main reason is purely physical, and the majority of women are hard-wired to be that way. Women, in general, are not suited to long term relationships (although a minority, about 20%, are actually capable of loving the same man for 20 years or more).

    For the rest, there's not much you or she can do about it, and the majority will have fallen out of love within about 3 years. It's instinctive, and evolution made them that way. It doesn't matter how much she loves you in the beginning, or how much she believes it can last forever. It doesn't matter how good a man you are, or if you're a better man than ever.

    Her's why. www.macleans.ca/culture/books/the-two-year-itch/

    • What if the man is 10/10 in looks and a model with the perfect body (six pack abs, chest, biceps etc...)

    • It doesn't matter how good he looks, or if he has an 8" cock, or if he's the best lover on earth and gives her 10 times as many orgasms as any other man can during sex.

      When the chemicals in her head wear out (normally about 3 years), she doesn't want to know him and will begin to despise him. That's just the way it is.

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