No girls, for barbarians, thugs & gentlemen only?

which is better Boxing or Ufc? why

vote and input.

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  • I like both. Boxing is something that has such a rich history. It's history no matter what the UFC does is in a league of it's own. It just is. Not only that, but there's a toooon of money invested in boxing. UFC too, but it's just different with boxing. The business side of it I like better... though it does have it's problems.

    UFC has it's own good history too. I mean I remember Iceman and his dominance and Randy before him. Gracie is too old for me. UFC currently is over boxing in terms of competition and popularity. MMA is a exciting sport.

    So I don't know if I can pick bro LOL. I'ma pick boxing, because I assume most people in this day and age would pick UFC.

    Ha I was wrong. That's wild.

    • yeah most of the kids maybe choose ufc over boxing but yeah i agree boxing is part of worlds history and a true gentlemen's sport.

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • I prefer ufc. It's what I grew up with.

  • Ahem! I'm a girl! and I will state my opinion!! The reason I insist on doing so is because I'm a boxer!!! So, I say boxing! :P


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  • I prefer Boxing because I enjoy the technical aspect of Boxing rather than the face offs, the water spitting, the media circus and the KO's.

    I have watched one UFC match and it was brutal, I don't like watching that level of violence, so I have never bothered with it.

    All I need as a boxing fan is to see Floyd and Manny go at it, for Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko to square up and for Amir Khan and Kell Brook to put on the biggest British fight since Bruno vs Lewis back in 1993.

    • im with you mate, i am a little bias but i prefer boxing. fist vs fist, skills vs skills. unfortunately mayweather ruined the boxing world. :(

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    • oh i believed tyson must be included since he is a great fighter in his prime but tiger, drugs, his pedo and Don King fucked up his career as a boxer but everyone will admit that Mike Iron Man Tyson is one the greatest fighter.

    • He could have been great but I don't consider him to be in my opinion.

      It's alright smashing in weaker opponents, but he got found out by Buster Douglas and he shouldn't have won the first fight with Razor Ruddock that would stopped prematurely and he was found out twice by Holyfield and if you put Tyson in his prime against a Lennox Lewis in his prime, I would have backed Lewis to have beaten him.

      As I say I think Evander Holyfield was a much better Boxer and why he isn't held more highly by American Boxing fans is something I don't understand.

      He was the undisputed Cruiserweight Champion and then went up to the Heavyweight division and he unified that division.

  • What about pro-wrestling?

    • I love pro-wrestling, but it's fake. That's probably why he didn't put it in here.

    • its a fake and entertainment...