Girls, if you can only choose one of these qualities in a guy. which one do you prefer to have? Emotional security or financial security?

Emotional security means that you never have to worry about him cheating or abusing you emotionally or physically, a guy that goes out of his way to try to keep you happy. However with this option comes the possibilty of not having the standard of living you might have dreamed of. I mean, you might want to go travelling but you can't. You might want a house together but he can only afford to rent a small apartment that is barely adequate if you want children. He does the little things for as much as he can afford. Romantic and creative but again, you have to let go part or most of your dream goals for yourself to be with him.

Financial security means that the guy can fulfill everything you need and almost everything you want within reason. On the other hand, the guy is not completely committed to you emotionally and he can be abusive sometimes. He makes sure that you always have more than enough money to spend but he is possessive and quite selfish and egocentric. He is still a pretty decent guy (as in he does not do crime and he is kind to his friends and relatives).

If I leave out information you feel important, feel free to ask.

  • Emotional security
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  • Financial sexurity
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Do understand that voting A means that you might have to let go of your dreams. Travelling, acting, becoming a doctor, becoming an actress. I am not saying that those goals become impossible, but barely achieveable in the near future unless something close to a miracle happens.


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  • A. That's fixable. As with, B, you can't really ever change a person. You can work on the finance part together and build with each other. and plus, the love is there :).

    • Beautiful answer. If you can stay true in hardships. You will make a man (and yourself) really happy someday. If not already.

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  • i choose A... just A

  • financial security if there is no one who really cares about me. But if there is a person who cares, emotion.

    • That is honest to the poll, and considering yourself carefully. But someone that can say this openly shouldn't have to worry about not having either. At least not much :)

  • Wait, why can't I still have my dreams and make good money, even if he can't? I don't see how that's related. I'd choose A, if that's possible. If not, neither of them. It would never be B, though. Zero tolerance for cheating and abuse.

    • B does not mean really abusive and a cheater, it simply means that you never really know whether or not he will be such a jerk.
      A is assuming that his condition is in such a way that it will reduce the possibilities in getting your dreams and getting good money in the near future.

      You can get both, sure but if you choose B, option A will be farther and vice versa.

      Everyone can pick A if they are sure they will have B, that is easy. In a situation where you have to choose only one, will you choose to have emotional or financial sexurity?

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    • Now that's the kind of insight I'm looking for. Thank you very much.
      That is my believe, if both parties in the relationship make constant effort to keep each other happy. Supportive to each other and perpetually seeks a middle ground whenever differences occurs in any form. It is a very constructive environment that will get them far. Not only emotionally, but also financially. Unfortunately, being realistic, we have really small faith in people being selfless. It's always safer to believe that most people regardless of how good they appeared in most occasions will be selfish and do selfish thing. Will safe their egos first and refuse to risk hurting to get a better future.

    • You're welcome. Yeah, I think many of us are more guarded around people than we'd like to be. It's just hard when there's a lot of egocentric people around.

  • I'd choose emotional securiy of course! But I'll never need to make that decision since I'll have enough money for both of us when I graduate from law school ^^

    • Let's just say that by voting A regardless of your current situation, you will not get financial security in the near future. Will still vote A?

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    • Feeling better already. And that's not sarcasm. :)

    • Haha that's a good thing ;)

  • I'll vote for A


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