Why is she keeping tabs on him because it seems pointless?

This guys wife knows he cheats on her so she keeps tabs on him by texting him wondering where he is, and going through the phone bill seeing what numbers he is texting and if she sees a number he is constantly texting she will text that number with her own phone number cause she's on a shared plan with her husband, to ask the person who they are and she hopes she will get that information out of that person. With all considered my question is what do you think the point is in the wife keeping tabs on him if she just let's him cheat anyway? Could there be another reason why should being it?


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  • because she loves him and is hurt. Maybe she is also getting ready to divorce him and is tracking what he does for her case.

    • Just out of curiosity what do you think is the most likely of the 2?

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    • Well... i don't need to know who you are. And I can't say for sure about NY, but yes generally he can lose custody if he is deemed to be causing a bad environment for his children And in this case he is. If you have any influence on him, I would suggest that you get him to quit and either work out a recon with his wife, or just divorce her. What he is doing now is not going to win for anyone.

    • Okay very helpful thank you.

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  • To have proof if she wants to divorce him
    Also to have proof of herself because she has a feeling. She doesn't want to look or feel crazy

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