Stay in a marriage after 6 years or ditch and run?

Iv been in my marriage for 6 years I dated my wife for about 18/24mths before we got hitched.

She's become a steady complacent person goals yes still kinda the same but attraction seems to be dying out. She's let her self go from a size zero she's gone up a couple size nothing excessive but all she wants now are kids and that's it. No more little black dresses or sitting there in a mall laughing at people or pushing herself in work life. And fair enough she confident in her looks herself lol she moans loads about everything

Now on the other hand iv had soooo much interest from these 2 girls for like over a yr and noo I have not done anything and yes the grass in not always greener etc. they a both stunning but looks Neva last so I'm not bring that into this.

Maybe marriage is not for everyone?

Oh I forgot to add iv already made my mind up and would just like to see everyone's thoughts and opinions on this matter.


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  • I haven't seen situations like what you're thinking of (dumping a wife for a hot replacement) work out very often.

    I do understand your frustration, and yes, you have a right to have your needs met and to have your concerns heard, but I think if I were you, I'd do everything possible to work things out with your wife.

    And yes, you do need to realize that what makes a marriage work long-term is not the same thing as what produces instant attraction. The second one fades, the first doesn't.


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  • You should have decided that last sentiment about 7 years ago.

    So what, is she now a size...4? You do understand the average woman is a size 16, right? Bailing is not the solution. Inspire her to kick it into gear. And get your eyes back in your head.

    • I'm not going to bail just wanted opinions and thoughts from some independent people. I'm made myself look bad in the question I stated as well on purpose as I have those options.

  • How's the sex?

    • Sex was Always good we both get what we want but tbh we don't do it anymore and that's due to me I don't really want to anymore.

  • Marriage is not for you for sure, please let your poor wife out of misery.


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  • It's a case of the devil you know against the devil you don't know.

    Even 8 years is barely enough to really know your wife. 50% of wives will be turning off the sex and affection by about 4 years, and some take a little longer. When it's gone, it's gone, and there's nothing you can do to prevent or fix that. Only about 20% of women can stay in love for the long term (like 20 years).

    If you have a wife who's in that 20%, you can count on having to find 5 different wives and having 5 failed marriages before you find another who is good for the long term. That's life, and it doesn't get any easier as you get older. Most of the "in love forever" women found a partner in their early 20s and will never leave him.

    You can normally count on having to walk out after about 4 years, when you are getting sex and affection on less than most days. Here's why.

    • Some very insightful comments and I suppose very tru as well. Experienced any thing similar?

    • I could almost say I've experienced a lifetime of similar things. Women falling out of love at 3 - 4 years is all too common, and there's nothing you can do to prevent or change it.

      If you can get past 10 years and things still look good, you're probably OK.


    • Lol why do u say that dude.

  • People get comfortable in Relationships, especially Marriages and you either accept this or you do not. It sounds to me you don't, would I be right in making this assumption?

    • Iv already accepted it and just wanted to see folks thoughts on the matter, only reason being its a interesting topic as a lady co worker is in the exact same situation.

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