When is a couple ready to get married?

I'm looking to find out what people think about this.

What are the characteristics of a couple that's ready to get married?


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  • A man is ready for marriage if he can afford to throw away everything he owns, everything he will earn for the next 10 years, and 25% of his future income after that.
    Then he can still survive comfortably after the divorce (which will happen in 44% of cases).

    He still needs to be mentally and emotionally strong enough to have those he loves turn against him for no reason, and continue life with a smile.

    • I totally agree with that statement in some cases. However, sometimes its the woman that ends up supporting the man. So I agree that some people need to be ready to throw away everything they own, etc.
      If he really is a man, he will be the one doing the supporting, but some women end up with a dead beat man who never supported them in any way at all. If it ends in divorce it usually ends badly.

      Not very often do you see someone lucky enough to find someone who won't take advantage of them and will be there through the hard times instead of making life harder or turning and running as soon as it gets hard. But if someone's situation is as bad as the one you described, it sounds like the relationship should never have moved past the dating stage.

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    • @Asker I know a handful of people who are married and that neither takes advantage of the other

    • Same here. I've been with the same guy for 5 years and I have my own job and pay my own way. I'm fully independent. To me, the point is to share each others lives, not take advantage.

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  • Honesty, trust, not needing to spend every waking moment together, not getting married for money or because you got knocked up, mutual respect, can have healthy debates without fighting, are proud to with the other person and want to show then off, respect each others friends

    That's all I can think of right now.