Terrible Proposal!!?

I know it's all about the thought and not the proposal but doesn't the effort some guys put into the proposal means a lot that they actually tried to give you that long awaited experience. My proposal to me husband was terrible. It was done in a kroger parking lot after we got some groceries around 11pm or so. When we sat in the car he said soooo should I propose to you now orr do it tomorrow? (Also I had to pick out the ring so it was no surprise it wasn't even like SURPRISE we're going to buy a ring. It was more like a salesman said hey this ring is for sale and it was a decent deal and my husband was like oh you want it very bland and unenthusiastic) so I said ok he got out the car came to my side kneeled and started laughing. He then said my full name in a jokey manner and gave the worst speech while laughing slightly. At the time I was very disappointed he didn't even at least plan a speech. However I looked past it because I loved him and said yes. Now that I'm having martial problems I kinda look back on it and say hey was that the first sign of him not being serious? Do the thought put into the proposal mean a lot to you. I feel like you work hard to make your love ones happy. Or am I being immature about the situation. I kind of feel like I've been cheated out of a very important memory millstone I'm my life. What's your take on this? Have you been proposed to? How was it done? Did he care enough to put some thought into it?


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  • gee, and here I thought the actual love part and spending the rest of your lives together was the important part.

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