Ladies, how did your husband propose to you?

The title says it all :) and if you want, what date was your wedding on?


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  • I did NOT start to date 'officially' on a certain day.
    I did NOT start to kiss her 'officially' on a certain day, after a certain number of days/weeks.
    -We did NOT decide to have sex 'officially' on a certain day, after a certain number of weeks/months.
    - I did NOT ask her 'officially' to be engaged.
    - I did NOT ask her 'officially' to marry me.
    - I did NOT ask her parents'officially' for her hand.
    It ALL happened gradually. At a certain moment the subject came up for each of those, just because we both felt it was the good moment to speak about it. NEVER officially, no witnesses, just the two of us feeling the same.

    When I got my HD from the army and found a job (she worked while I was doing my military service) we moved from town to city, first rented a nice apartment, moved, then decided together to marry. First we fixed the 18th. as date for our marriage (because it was our best convenience) but her dad started making a nuisance of himself thus we advanced the date to the 11th, just to be rid of his annoying talk a bit faster.

    And we're happily married for decades now.


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  • i'll tell my story...
    I intended to ask her to marry me at the place we had our first date. it's a sushi restaurant we love. however, we were in a big disagreement that evening so it didn't seem right..."fight, fight fight... will you marry me?"

    so the next day we went for a walk. Her younger sister died of cancer a few years ago and her family paid for and maintain a nature trail in her honor (The Hope Trail) so obviously it has significant meaning. So we were walking on the path and I said I had to tie my shoe. I got down on my knee to tie it and got out the ring... she cried for about a minute while I knelt in mud and finally stopped long enough to say yes

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