Do you think a guy would ever re consider marrying a girl from his past?

Say you made a mistake and married him, then got divorced and you realized he still had feelings about another girl in his past. Do you think he would ever think about marrying that girl?

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  • I"m not really sure what you're asking. Do you mean... do people ever wonder how life would be if they had married someone else?

    Or do you mean, the guy is now single and you want to know if he would go back to an old flame?

    • Well both. But mostly the second one.

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    • Cause he let her go in the first place and married someone else... I'm wondering if he would reconsider marrying her after?

    • Well not if he's currently married he won't. If he's not... maybe.

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  • I would probably do it if the person who I used to have feelings had feelings for me as well. Kinda like rekindling an old flame.

    • How would you know if they still do?

    • Say I met up with an old flame and we went out as friends just to catch up. Then from there she comes on to me saying how she still has feelings for me and asks me if I feel the same way about her.

    • But lets say you let her go in the first place by marrying someone else?

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