I'm so lonely and I want my own family one day. Is it just not meant to be?

I'm 28 and single. If I want kids shouldn't I at least be in a relationship by now? Is it not gonna happen?

I'm surrounded by couples my age and I feel so alone?
I'm in the prime of my life and I just want to fall in love but it doesn't happen for everyone... Am I one of the unfortunate ones?
As a 28 year old single woman have I missed out on love?
I'm studying at the moment to be a nurse and I work weekends so I don't have a chance to date. By the time I have a job and time to date I will be about to turn 30, which is a ridiculous age to be single!
I'm trying to get my career sorted when I should be getting pregnant (biological clock is ticking).
Am I too old to find love, get married and have biological babies? Should I just settle for the next guy who comes along?
My ex just got engaged and I feel so alone.
I'm at uni and I can't afford to get my eggs frozen. All my friends are married or getting married.
I feel sad. At 28 is a woman still attractive and sexually desirable? Am I too old to find someone and start a family with him?

All my friends my age are married and having kids.

I'm so sick of being single, my heart aches and I'm so lonely.

I want a family of my own some day but I can't see that happening at this rate. I study full time and work weekends.
And all the good guys I know are taken now. Unless they become single then I will remain alone.

I'm trying online dating but it's not really going anywhere


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  • 1. You are NOT in your prime. Your prime was about when you was 18. Your looks have been fading for the past 5 years or so.

    2. You are only just now working on a career, telling me you was probably just screwing around and mooching off various men for the past 10 years.

    3. "And all the good guys I know are taken now." Yeah and you probably blew any chance you had with them to get with assholes, yeah? Nice guys get the raw deal in their teens and early twenties, but I've discovered from experience that once they hit 25, not only do the women like you want them all of a sudden, but they've also got a lot of hot 18 year old girls hitting on them because they now have the appeal of being an older man. So those guys can do better than you now. You should have went for them back when you was still young, it's really too late now.

    Sounds to me like you made your bed, and now you get to lie in it.


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  • My ex is 32... and she feels the same way. But after dating her I realized what she was doing wrong and i told her if she doesn't rectify it, she will remain that way.
    I don't know you, but if you haven't been able to hold something or someone down... darling... check YOURSELF. I choose to stay single because i checked myself, figured where i was lacking and am working on it, if you want someone, find out what YOU are doing wrong, and correct it.

  • ...


    I'm in the same boat but the difference between you and me is that I don't fear being alone. I don't let other people's lives or connections with me define my value.

  • Last year my son met a 28yo girl and they're living happily together now. (working to make us that grandchild)
    It isn't impossible thus.

  • age is only a number.

    What country are you from?

    In London UK many couples don't settle down to their thirties.


  • I think there are plenty of people these days who don't get together until their late twenties or early thirties, though I guess in terms of child bearing you do sort of have a point - but you certainly still have time. I guess if having a biological child is that important to you perhaps you could consider using a sperm donor if you can't find anyone suitable - but I don't think you should give up yet.


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  • Being in a forced relationship at any age is ridiculous. You working and being single is a blessing, relax and be open to life! You don't have to be married to have a kid you know.

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