Should I ask him out?

We've only hung out a couple times because he moved away for a while, so he's more of an "acquaintance." He's now living 30 minutes away from me. Back in February he said we should hang out when he gets back. I talked to him the other day, and he didn't mention hanging at all.

Should I just man up and ask him to hang? I'm worried he already has an interest in someone else and I'll just be annoying him. Or should I just extend an invitation like "hey let me know when you come over my way!"

advice please?! thanks =)


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  • You can do anything you want to.

    Maybe ask him directly if he has some free time to do something fun together or just to talk. I mean, if you weren't in close contact there's a lot to tell about the past time, isn't there? ;-)

    You'll know if he gets a little flirty at times or not ;)

    But of course you can make him arrange the meeting with your proposal, too. I would add something that indicates your interest, though like: "Hey, let me know when you come over my way, it would be nice to talk to you again" . something like that indicates your interest and if he has no one for sure should he notice that you're interested in him.

    Always remember interest is a word that could be interpret in a very wide range. It can mean a lot but it can also just mean interest in your daily life without the affection that goes into the region of love ;)

    Hope I could help you a bit.

    • Wow, thank you SO much for taking the time to type this all out. you are very nice =) I'll definitely word my invitation like you said! and I really like what you said about interest, very true

    • No problem I like to help ;)

      *hinting at the first lines of my profile text*

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  • what I will say... I know what I will say to will not do that ...but a hard core answer hope you will don't mind..if you know that he is interest in someone else why you worried just say no... and leave her... sorry if you mind my comments.. I m a straight forward guy...


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