Ladies (Or Gents) My Good Friend Needs Advice?

So my best friend came over after work and was telling me how he thinks he's ready to pop the question. They've been together three years and he knows she's ready (they've discussed it) but he wants to make the ring and proposal unique. He has the proposal figured out he says but it's the ring that's getting him.

He explained to me that after rent and bills he is left with $100 to get by for two weeks, this paysfor his food and gas and whatever else might come up, which he says normally is fine but not enough to get a decent ring. His question to me was if jewlers do a lay a way thing or if he should get a ring he can afford now and promise to get a better one when he can?

I have never been in a situation like this so ladies (gents) what are your thoughts? I didn't have any advice and I told him to let me think and look around and I'd see if I can help. I'll do jeweler research but in the meantime, any ideas?


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  • well this is something special, this will only happen once in someones life (hopefully) and she will remember every little detail about that moment when he proposes, including what ring he proposes to her with for the rest of her life, some jewelers might have some sort of lay-a-way thing but i have never personally heard of it. his best bet is to ask around to the jewelers in his local area. hope i helped in some way, im no expert but sopping for my girlfriend of 4 years never gets any easier on the wallet and i have asked about this before.

    best of wishes to the bride and groom to be :)


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  • There shouldn't be a rush to propose or marry, so being able to afford the ring he knows she will want should be part of concluding if it's the right time to propose. In my eyes that's hand in hand. (Pardon the pun)

    • That's what I tried telling him; "if you can't afford it yet, maybe it's the wrong time?" And he was like "no, I need her to know that I'm ready for this step"

    • You need to get your point across as much as you can man! Most women will read into that kind of thing even more than we do! Let alone how they would think needing finance on a ring needed to propose! He needs to take his time with the ring and tbh if there's no option he's better to get a plastic one and admit he is saving for a proper wedding ring than he is getting one on finance at all!

    • I agree, thanks. I'll see if I can't put some sense into him.