I want to marry this guy, I cannot see myself with anyone else :/?

I've known him nearly all my life since childhood. But over the past few years we got really close where we text every single day and even sext. We have never dated but we've literally kept contact for 6 years.
He married this other girl, but didn't work out , even during the marriage his friends were telling me he is 'off'.
Anyways now he's divorced and he says he wants me, I'm a bit reluctant to bring up marriage. But I seriously want to spend my life with him, I don't know whether this is just my imagination. What do you think?

  • If things go well bring up marriage
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  • Well date him before you discuss marriage. If after a reasonable amount of time together you find yourself still wanting to marry him bring it up.


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  • Dont talk about marriage until you have been living together for 2+ years.


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  • You say you have never dated, and at the same time you are reluctant to bring up marriage. I am pretty sure all of us would be reluctant to bring up marriage when we've never even dated someone! You should go out on dates with him and have a proper relationship. You shouldn't even bring up marriage at this point because yes, you have been texting with this guy but you haven't ever been with him. Start dating him and when things are right, you won't be reluctant to bring up marriage.

  • Yeh obviously if it's going well bring it up. Do you know if he wants to marry again?

    • No that's the thing. I'm hesitant to bring up anything to do with marriage, it may scare him off

    • Maybe you should wait a little see if he mentions it.

    • Yes I think so