I think that I have found my soul mate in high school?

I think that I have found my soul mate but I'm not sure. I know that you would know for sure but me being me I like to know reasons for why. I accidentally rejected him because I didn't know what to say. I tried moving on just like he did but it seems that neither of us can. He has been posting things on social media basically saying that he really likes me but doesn't think that I like him. I started having dreams about some mystery guy last year who I ended up getting married to. The dream so stopped after we met.


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  • Soul mates don't exist. That is infatuation, not love. In high school you just aren't experienced enough to know the difference

    • I believe that they do exist. I understand that I may not get the difference but I don't love him and I have never thought that I did. Those dreams I had happened before I even knew that he existed

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  • Yeh we all think that... Then life happens

    • Well the same thing except with a different guy happened. Then I realized that I never liked the guy.

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