Does everyone know when they have found their soul mate?

I know that this might sound weird but I know how I feel I just don't know about the situation. I can't see myself with anyone else but this guy and it seems that neither of us can move on. I see hearts a lot and had dreams about some guy but the dreams stopped after I met him. What could this mean?


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  • Girl I know how u feel :)
    I was like that with my boyfriend too
    I couldn't think of any other guy or see myself with any other guy. I couldn't move on; I never knew if he felt the same way. hopefully your man has the same feelings for you, and he never break your heart cuz mine did and even though now we were kind of back together my feelings for him are a little bit different now. He still is the only guy I can think of most my time I sometimes find myself thinking of others too.

    so I have no idea if you met your soul mate or not
    if you both feel the same way about each other I hope you have :)

    • We aren't dating but what happened was I walked in the classroom then walked back out and then he was joking around then I smiled and I could tell that this slipped out but he said I love you to me which I thought that he was still joking and now I know that he wasn't.

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  • Your soul mate is someone who
    - Makes you smile just thinking about them
    - given the chance you'd spend all your time with them
    - the room lights up for you when they enter
    - makes you feel bored and somewhat empty when they are not around
    - makes you want to go rob a bank or steal a blue french horn (HIMYM reference) for them
    - Your soul mate isn't someone you think is perfect its someone who makes you perfect
    - As you get to know them your love for them grows stronger and stronger.
    - Some one who you may say you hate but you never actually do (like a parent or friend)

    Soul-mate and love go hand in hand. You dont always know right away when you meet your soul-mate it takes time. Also not to judge but your under 18 there is like a.0000001% chance things work out and you get married happily and stay happy with each other till the day you die (not to discourage you i just know what i was like)

    And bout the dreams i was always told that if i saw someone in a dream i should pray for them.

    • I didn't know actually who it was. I understand that most of til he time at my age it doesn't work out but I think that this is God trying to tell me something. I hope. The dreams started out with me getting married and I later realized that I had met the guy while in high school and we were together ever since.

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  • I don't know if it's thats a soul mate or jait someone you get along with really well.

    • I think that it's both. That's one thing that I know of about him we both easily can get along with other others.