How do people know the difference between a purity ring and an engagement ring?

My mom says that you would know but I honestly don't think you would depending on what it looked like. Like of it was a cross that would make since but if it had a big diamond on it that would be difference.


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  • I have a purity ring. Its just a silver band. Honestly, the right guy will know the difference. If someone has to ask, then they aren't right. (Personal experience, if you look under 25, all guys will assume its just a ring or know its a purity ring.)


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  • I have the opposite problem. I am young and dress conservatively. My engagement ring is very simple so it is always assumed to be a purity ring. Funny fact: I am an atheist.

    • I think that if you believe in God or not saving yourself until marriage is always best. When I get engaged I don't want anything too big or distracting because that just not me. I'm more conservative too and I don't like big earring or those big rings they make me feel uncomfortable.

    • Me too, I have very small, thin fingers so a giant rock would have looked ridiculous. And yeah, it would have made me really uncomfortable.

    • I just don't really like anything being on me. I wear earrings and that's the only jewelry I will out on unless I have to wear something else for dance which we normally don't have to.

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