Is the liking more than just casual dating in this case?

They're both smart, both have bright futures, and both get along very well. My question is if couples that match the below scenario usually end up together.

The boy is very infatuated with the girl, I think the girl sort of likes him too; but he's definitely not himself around her. He puts on a show, so it's not a hundred percent genuine; their friendship.

It's an inter-racial couple, (not that it makes a difference in the least, but my point is they're not of the same ethnicity). Because of this, I think their parents do not know about their relationship.

Realistically, would they get married? I used to like the boy I guess, and felt hurt that he's only interested in that girl. Their relationship practically started very close to when he knew me.

I think what would make me move on from it, is if it really was a serious thing. I can understand and make peace with the fact that if they're going to be Mr. and Mrs. soon, and it's not just dating, they're meant to be together, and that's that. It's too late for anything else, and realistically, I don't like him enough to think about marrying him or anything, so it's a done thing.

Please no harsh responses! I wish the couple well, but I'm human too, and I just want to move on from this whole thing.

Anyone ever been in a similar kind of situation
Okay, here's the better question: has anyone ever been in a situation where they have felt confused/hurt that another guy has a preference for someone they know, and are not able to get over it? Kind of like you're comparing yourself with the girl. Not jealousy, but just kind of thinking why you're not the one.

How do you sort out whether you're not good enough, and whether it just wasn't meant to be, because that person likes the other girl for more than just physical attractiveness


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  • If it was predestined you shouldn't be too worried about it. If i was supposed to marry someone and that was that, before the time comes, i'd like to at least see what situation i am going to be getting myself into in the future. This has nothing to do with you.

    • I understand this has nothing to do with me. I guess I have trouble moving past this, because if it were looked at in just a casual dating scenario, I do feel hurt that he preferred her.

      But if this is a genuine situation, this isn't about dating preferences, it is about two people who really love each other, and it's as simple as that. Whether I was great, or horrible, or whatever, it wouldn't matter, because they love each other.

      I don't know either way, I've just tried to stay away from them, because I don't want this to be a part of my life, and give me unnecessary worries.

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    • Hmm no, I think he does like me a little bit, I can tell from the way that he looks at me.

      But you are correct that I have not been in a relationship with him, nor has he expressed any clear, explicit indication that he wants to be with me.

      It is true that just because we like someone doesn't mean they need to like us back. I guess perhaps why it bothers me, is because from all angles, she seems like the more reasonable option for him.

      So it's kind of like, I'm great, but lacking in something, and she isn't. I don't know lol I know I shouldn't look at it that way, but that's what it feels like

    • You are going to have to something about those feelings. In my opinion, i'd say go flirt with someone else, and if worse case comes to the worst, get laid. Always boosts my confidence enough to forget someone i was whining over.

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