How can a man treat his wife as girlfriend?

its great for marriage and wives love that


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  • Remember how you felt before you met and married her. Remember the loneliness...

    But most of all, remember how she made you feel when you first felt that connection with her. That has not changed. She is still that same woman.

    We forget that too quickly... That she was once our stars and moon. We let little arguments and simple things get between our hearts.

    No, love her, cherish her as the woman you pledged your life, heart, and soul to. She should be your everything on this Earth. Never forget that she is yours.

    And then she will make you the happiest man on earth.

    If you never let the dating end, even after marriage, that is a good thing. Settling into complacency makes marriages doomed to fail.


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  • Try incorporating a "Date Night" into your routine. It could be once a week, or every two weeks or once a month. Whatever works for your schedule and budget.


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  • Always wash your dick before bedtime eh? Good lad!

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