He has had the ring 9 months and still hasn't proposed?

we talked about it...looked at rings...then I saw the most amazing ring! At the time it was in the sale but he did not have the money for it. So I bought the ring and gave it to him to save. He said he would give me the money in the next couple of months. ( months later still nothing, The ring cost £1,350! and iv not got money to burn, what should I do? To be honest I don't want that ring now cos I feel so let down but now stuck with it, should I sell it or demand he pays me every penny of it? I love him so still hasn't proposed much but what does this say about him? We have a baby boy, I feel very hurt and let down..please help x

forgot to say he has had the ring for 9 months now!


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  • I honestly don't think you should have bought the ring and told him that he can pay you back. If he really wanted to get you the ring you wanted then he could have tried to get it, but I don't really know the whole story so I can't say much about this

    • Thanks for reply, I told him 4 months ago how I feel, he said he will get me another ring, which means I'm stuck with the priginal ring and out of pocket too. I really think he is milking me, I paid for the house in full!, bought his car too! etc etc....and had his baby! I feel very hurt and let down because I love him dearly but is this a sign I should be better alone? I'm really confused, I don't want to leave him but I don't want to be made a fool of either

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