A Guy proposed to me?

Yes I do know that I am young. I have no interest in getting married until I graduate high school. This was meant as a joke too. So this guy that I haven't known for long proposed to me with candy. I freaked out for I don't even really know why. I said I don't know then you repeated what I said then said ok. What was weird about this that fall of 2013 I was having dreams about some mystery guy. Mystery guy proposed to me at school and so this other guy. I don't know it just sounds weird to me could it mean anything?


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  • Ask yourself first if you can really be with a guy you don't know about. If not then either try to know him properly or move on. There is no reason to be rash in such cases.

    • I can see myself with him but I'm not going to run after him. I don't want to get married until I at least graduate high school but it was a joke.

    • Sorry I didn't get it. Was the proposing of that guy a joke?

    • I mean he wasn't serious about really getting married but he had this serious look on his face

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  • With candy? Not a ring?

    • No but I heard his friend say "these are the candies that you give to someone when you like them." Which they were nerds and I don't think that was the right candy.