Not a question random speacj bored and I wamna see what more people think?

Pauline i know your family and friends say we shouldn't be together. But i know we belong together and i have faith that u feel the same way to. since that first time in class i heard the most beatful voice singing in my sleep then opened my eyes to see the most beatful girl in the room standing in front of me. since that day i known in my heart u were the one. just like rory i waited over 1000 years to be with you. i know wise man say only fools rush in but pauline amy flores will u make me the hapliest man alive and marry me in 5 more years?


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  • This was adorable

    • Thank you am hoping it will break her mom spell over her. Like truw loves first kiss lol. here's my Facebook!/home.php?soft=more if u ever need any advice message me. And i have a video on YouTube if u want too check it out formativebadge is my YouTube. Enjoy youe day

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