If you were getting married, who would you call as your friends?

High school friends, undergrad, or colleagues?

Sometimes I wonder who would be in the majority; I would think it's high school friends


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  • Not including family I can count the number of people I would want at my wedding on one hand. Sometimes I figure the number is so low that I'd be better off just going to the courthouse. Two are from high school, one's from work, and one's from college. But two of the high school ones are also from college and one of the high school/college ones is also from work :p

    And just in case that threw your math off... that's a grand total of 5.

    • Really? That makes me feel better lol I wouldn't know who to call if I had a big wedding.

      Are big wedding's a thing of the past?

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    • Same here; if I got married tomorrow, (which I'm not lol), far from it, I would ahve no idea who would stand up with me; as in I don't know someone so close. Not particularlyclose to my female relatives either lol

      lol that's funny :P I wonder how my case would work out. Sometimes I'll hear people say to one another, when I get married, I'll do this, and you're invited, and I wonder if that's just them talking, or they plan on following through and inviting all these people they say these things to

    • I think it's just talk.