Gf doesn't want to breastfeed kids if we have kids because she doesn't want her boobs to look bad after. someething wrong here?

i want her to breastfeed them for all the miraculous benifits... is she really ready for kids with this kindve mentality?


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  • 1. Women have bigger boobs while breastfeeding. 2. If you're planning kids you're planning a permanent relationship, if you like her tits, then what does it matter. 3. And most important, breastfeeding creates a bond between mother and child that can't be created elsewhere. I have 3 kids.

    • They get bigger during sag after.

    • @Azara - While that does sometimes happen, it does not happen all the time. I have known many women whose breasts do not sag after breastfeeding. Also, the breasts often shrink back, and sometimes even shrink to less than they were at the start of the pregnancy. One cannot know what will happen that way till it happens.

    • I guess she doesn't want to gamble:)

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  • There are many women who do not want to breastfeed for numerous reasons. Personally, I think that breastfeeding is the healthiest and obviously natural. Like you said, there are so many benefits! This does not necessarily mean that she is not ready for children.

    • thinkng about leaving her for this.

  • She can get a breast pump though I don't think that fully solves the problem.


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  • She can always pump the breast milk and bottle feed them.

    • Good answer.
      I would do the same thing because I wouldn't want my nipples stretched out looking like fingers at the end.

    • "stretched out looking like fingers at the end." What? Do you mean the baby sucking on them will lengthen them? Have never seen that. They may stick out a little more till the child stops nursing, but only a little, and they usually return to normal when breast feeding is done.

    • @red_arrow you would be surprised my fried who's wife had 2 kids nipples got stretched down and they stayed that way I guess it depends on their body